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Garage Door Service in Lake Wylie, NC

Have you recently found yourself in need of garage door service or repairs? Look no further than Garage Door Repair of Lake Wylie, NC which operates 24-hours a day. Our team specializes in garage door repairs, maintenance, and new garage door installations.

Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining your garage door is a vital, but often overlooked task of homeowners. Just like a regular check-up with the doctor, garage door maintenance is a preventative action. It helps our technicians catch issues before they become major repairs and can even extend the life of your door.

When it comes to regular maintenance, our technicians will perform a thorough check of your garage door. They will make sure there are no issues to address, adjust tension on the springs, lubricate moving parts, and tighten nuts and bolts that have become loose. They will make sure that your door is working correctly and safely.

Schedule Maintenance Regularly

It is important that you schedule garage door maintenance on an annual basis. Allowing your garage door to go more than a year without servicing from a technician can lead to major and costly repairs. By having your door regularly serviced, you are ensuring your door is in the best working condition.

To remember to schedule routine maintenance, many homeowners schedule it at the same time every year. Often they schedule it to coincide with the changing of seasons. This may mean scheduling it in the fall to prep for winter or in the spring before the heat of summer.

Installing a New Garage Door

Whether you are looking to spruce up your home or are moving into a new home, you may be in need of a new garage door. Our team will walk you through this process of finding the right make and model of door that fits your style and budget. We are confident we will find what works best for you.

If you have a vision of a garage door already in mind, work with our team to create a custom build. Once designed and produced, our technicians will be at your home to install the garage door. They will ensure it is functioning safely and correctly.

How You Can Help

Did you know that there are certain, small tasks that you can perform to also maintain your garage door? These tasks include:

  • Keeping the safety eye sensors free of dirt and residue
  • Checking to make sure the tracks seem balanced and level
  • Regularly changing the batteries in remotes and keypads
  • Making sure the safety eye sensors work when the line of vision is obstructed

By taking the time to perform these small tasks, you can help in the maintenance of your garage door.

Be Proactive and Call Our Team Today!

Don’t wait for something to go wrong with your garage door. Call our team today at Garage Door Repair of Lake Wylie to set routine maintenance or to install a new garage door. Being proactive now may save you time and money down the road.

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